CDP At A Glance

Craig Davis Properties (CDP) doesn’t just build things — the company’s mission is to develop landmark projects that make a statement.

With decades of experience in every corner of the commercial development industry, the CDP team is excited to keep moving forward, not only in the Triangle but also expanding the company’s portfolio into multiple growing markets throughout the Southeast.

Building on the foundation of past success with developments that traditionally specialize in high end office and institutional projects, CDP is expanding its work in the rapidly growing multifamily sector. The span of projects promise to create distinct communities that support today’s modern lifestyles in some of the most desirable regions of the country — changing their landscape for generations.

The company’s broad portfolio ranges from commercial to multifamily developments that offer a diverse, modern lifestyle and an appealing environment to live and work. The company has developed over 8 million square feet of multifamily, office, industrial and mixed-use products throughout North Carolina and the Southeast and has an additional 2,000 multifamily units currently in the pipeline in the Carolinas.

Reaching New Heights Together


The CDP Story

After college, former NC State basketball player Craig Davis made the Triangle his home and started CDP in 1988. Craig utilized his entrepreneurial spirit and unique understanding of the marketplace to establish CDP as an industry leader first in the Triangle and eventually throughout the Southeast.

For more than three decades, CDP has developed over 8 million square feet of multiple product lines and worked with some of the nation’s largest and most respected companies and investors, including IBM, BlueCross BlueShield, GlaxoSmithKline, Gateway, FedEx, UPS, Bell+ Howell, North Carolina State University, Verizon Wireless, U.S. Department of Agriculture, General Electric, UBS Warburg, and LM Sandler & Sons.

In 2014, Craig met his now wife and business partner, Mariana Molina, an attorney with a background in commercial real estate law and a mission to make the commercial development industry more inclusive. Together, they have shaped CDP into the company that it is today.

With its solid foundation based on the company’s origins of market expertise, attention to detail and decades of experience, the CDP formula has allowed for expansion into new markets with projects that reflect contemporary living. As a result, the CDP of today delivers projects throughout the Southeast that are reflected in this 33-year foundation — with inclusive, unique, expert and community-based roots represented in each project.

There is no secret to success in this industry – it’s a matter of putting in the work, collaborating with your partners and maintaining integrity above all else.

Craig M. Davis | Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Our Partners

Our team and our projects emphasize partnerships. We partner with our communities to build statement properties — whether a cross functional development, an institutional landmark, a high-end office building or a multifamily community — by listening to and understanding the local community and creating a modern lifestyle and appealing living environment.

Our success stories begin with prioritizing local communities — we know it’s critical to listen and know the influencers, citizens and goals of a community — and meet them with development solutions that make sense versus delivering a project based on a static approach.

Our Values

CDP’s expansion into new markets and product lines has allowed the company to grow, not just in terms of size, but also in its ability to positively impact the communities in which it serves. With its partner organization, woman-owned Bella Vista Development Group, and Mariana Molina as Craig’s business partner and wife, CDP continues to expand its footprint into more diverse communities with projects that exceed industry standards and support the dynamic lifestyles of today and tomorrow.

We pride ourselves on listening and working alongside communities to help meet their needs with our projects, from local business development to rural healthcare, our developments are much more than brick and mortar.